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Date: 23-09-2005 Title: ZOC GP day cancelled Author: Stuart Greig

Notice to all that Sundays GP will not been shown in the ZOC Clubhouse.

Please see information below regarding the arrival and subsequent hosting of the top riders in the British Superbike brigade in November. They are taking part in the Zwartkops Bike TT being held on 3rd December 200 ... Read more >>
Date: 03-09-2005 Title: Results - ZOC Wynn's Hill Climb 3 September Author: Dave Hastie

Many thanks for adding fun and enjoyment to our event today. It was good to see so many happy faces.

Where on earth does one get to see such a closely contested event? The winners were separated by ,01 sec, while five cars in the top 8 were on the same second.

Thanks for ...
Date: 15-08-2005 Title: Wynns ZOC Hillclimb Author: Stuart Greig

Here are details of the Wynns ZOC Hillclimb on the 3rd of September. Entries are limited to 50. Please fax completed entry forms to Dave Hastie (011) 266 4600.
Date: 12-08-2005 Title: Wynns ZOC Hillclimb Author: Stuart Greig

Back by popular demand is the Wynns ZOC Hillclimb, this will take place on the 3rd of September in place of the skidpan fun day. Please enter early as no entries will be accepted on the day and only 50 entries are going to be taken.

This was an extremely popular event earlier in the ye ... Read more >>
Date: 31-07-2005 Title: GQ Cars ZOC 3 Stage Results Author: Dave Hastie

Herewith overall and class results for the GQ Cars 3 Stage we enjoyed yesterday.

There were 95 entries, 87 finishers, no incidents and a lot of happy people!

Hope you enjoyed the Zwartkops experience!
Date: 27-07-2005 Title: Final Instructions GQ ZOC 3 Stage Author: Dave Hastie

Thank you for your entry for the GQ Cars ZOC 3 stage to be held on Saturday 30 July.

Please note the following points, which will add to your enjoyment on the day.

The hub of activity will be the ZOC Clubhouse. Food, drinks, toilets and seating for all will be availa ... Read more >>
Date: 05-07-2005 Title: ZOC GQ 3-Stage 30th July 2005 Author: Dave Hastie

The scene is set for what has been billed as the biggest fun event for 2005.
The ZOC GQ cars 3 Stage event takes place at the Zwartkops Raceway and consists of a lap of the main circuit (in reverse direction!) that leads onto the Kart circuit and finishes on the Skidpan. One start, one f ... Read more >>
Date: 08-05-2005 Title: ZOC Superpole results Author: Dave Hastie

Many thanks for joining the fun @ZOC SuperPole yesterday.

Herewith are the results for the competitors who handed in their score cards, and the 25 who forgot to will have to come back next time and do it again!

Hope you can join the next ...
Date: 11-04-2005 Title: ZOC ATS Superpole 7 May 2005 Author: Dave Hastie

ZOC is pleased to announce the Annual ATS Superpole to be held at the Zwartkops Kart Circuit on 7th May 2005.

Please find attached an entry form.

Come and play and enjoy the fun.

For details go here.
Date: 13-03-2005 Title: ZOC Hillclimb Results Author: Dave Hastie

Many thanks for adding some spice to the fun we had on Saturday.

Herewith are the results. Well done for some good entertainment!

For results go here.

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